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  • renderei:

    The renderei was founded in 2008 in Berlin from two 3D-artists and one programmer. Since 1993 we already carried out many projects. This makes more then half a century of experience in one of the fastest changing industries. We belive in the value of quality and put our passion in every project and in research.

    What we offer:

    2D, 3D and storytelling

  • CI and logo design
  • storyboarding
  • style development fitting CI and story
  • work flow development for complex post processes

  • 3D renderings and animation

  • character design (human and animal/realistic or comic)
  • architectural (interior or exterior)
  • products (micro and macro)
  • scripting (physical or abstract)

  • 3D interaction

  • installations
  • augmented reality
  • motion capture, motion control
  • games and mobile contend

  • We like to put your ideas into live and work with delivered content and storyboards, as your professional technical services. Since we are all artists, we can also be great in hatching out ideas suiting your goals.

    Of course the renderei is planing meticulously in advance and realize your project oriented on budget and schedule.


    Heiko Noltemeyer
    (born 1972)
    is a Programmer (C++, Java, ...) focused on 3D, games and interaction. His scripts avoid tendonitis and his vision and keen insight view make him a 3D artist in coding. He makes the impossible possible.

    Jo Lincke
    (born 1967)
    is a 3D artist with the focus on charakter animation, lighting und texturing. Those who seeks perfection have arrived.

    Klaus Singer
    (born 1971)
    is a 3D artist and the heart of the renderei. His specialety is modeling, timing and rendring. He always looks for the challenge.



    first place
    Animago Award 2005
    in the categoriy infotainment
    professional / animation


    first place
    Animago Award 2004
    in the categoriy music clip
    professional / compositing